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Required Documents

To apply, submit to us the following:
  • Complete the application form giving us your name and your choice of course and major. Use the envelope attached to the application guidebook and send to us by registered mail. You can also drop it off in person at the school.
  • 30,000 JPY for application fee Payment must be made by postal money transfer. Attach the receipt to the area marked “postal money transfer receipt” on your application form. *For money transfer, please use the form attached to the application guidebook. Also, you can transfer the fee at a post office ATM. Please enclose the receipt in your application form. *We accept payment by cash at the school.
  • Application fees are not refundable. We do not return documents.
<AO Admission> ※AO=Admissions Office
You can schedule interview as part of the application profess for admission.
*Registration in advance is required.
*If you cannot submit [4] your high school record at the time of application, the deadline is Saturday,
Documents required①②③④*⑤
<Admission on “My School” Recommendation>
You can apply for admission by participating in My School Program. Documents required①②③④⑧
<Admission on High School Recommendation>
You can apply for admission with recommendation from your high school principal. Documents required①②③④⑥
<Admission on Designated School Recommendation>
Those who seek this type of admission must obtain a letter of recommendation from principal of their high school, as well as guidance counselor and homeroom teacher. Documents required①②③④⑦
Applicants who apply to our school as their first choice.
Applicants who apply to our school as their second choice.
Documents required①②③④
<Adults and Working Persons (except high-school students)>
You can apply to us as either your first or second choice. Documents required
<Admission on Transfer>
University, college or vocational school students can apply to us as a transfer student. Documents required①②③⑩
①Application Form ②Examination Admission Slip
Application Form Examination Admission Slip
③Receipt of Postal Money Transfer ④High School Report
Receipt of Postal Money Transfer High School Report
⑤AO Admission letter of acceptance
※AO=Admissions Office
⑥letter of recommendation from your high school
<AO Admission> <Admission on My School Recommendation>
⑦Entry Sheet of Admission on Designated School Recommendation ⑧Photocopy of My School Card
<Admission on Designated School Recommendation>
Send the "Entry Sheet" included in admission application.
Period of admission
Tuesday October 1 - ?Saturday November 30
<Admission on My School recommendation>
⑨diploma ⑩academic records
<Adults and Working Persons>
Submit a photocopy or bona fide high-school diploma, or submit Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates.
Sophomore college students must submit academic records for your first and second years.
Use the envelope attached to the application guidebook to send required documents by registered mail or bring them in to us.
We will send you an application guidebook with detailed
information on tuition along with our school brochure.
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