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Foreign Students Residing Abroad

Admission Procedures from Abroad

* If you need help making living arrangements such as finding a dormitory or public housing, you need to notify us beforehand.
* If you are waiting for the result of your Japanese Language Proficiency Test, turn in a copy of your JLPT exam admission slip to us and send us the score certificate when you receive it.
* Please let us know beforehand if you are unable to prepare all of the documents necessary for application by the end of December.

Admission Requirements

Please make sure you bring the required documents. You will be informed of the date of your selection interview and examination when you submit your application documents.
Documents Required for Application

The following three documents are required for application:

  • A copy of the acceptance letter from the school.
  • A document that certifies your academic ability and commitment to your course of study.
  • A document which certifies your ability to pay for you living costs in Japan.

Documents needed differ according to individual situations. Please contact the Jikei COM International Center for more information.

We will send you an application guidebook with detailed
information on tuition along with our school brochure.
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