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Foreign Students Residing in Japan

Methods of Application

Japanese Language School Recommendation

For students currently enrolled in a Japanese school, whose first preference is this school. please receive a recommendation from your school based an the following requirements:

  • Students with an attendance rate of 90% or higher;
  • Students who will bring passion and effort to their desired field of study;
  • Students who have been assessed as having no learning difficulties at this school with regard to Japanese ability;

※You cannot apply to colleges other than TCA,TSM,TSM Shibuya.DA TOKYO,FC TOKYO and TOKYO ANIME if you are a preferred applicant from a Japanese language school.

Designated School Recommendation

This is a system for students whose fi「st preference is this school, who are about to graduate from a Japanese school designated by this school.

* Please contact your school directly to find out whether it is a designated school.


This is available to students whose only preference is this school and who complete the screening.

A.O. Enrolment

This is for students whose first preference is this school and who meet the requirements of the school's admission policy. Students who register for A.O. enrolment can participate in the My School Program and get an insight into the specialist knowledge and skills they will be acquiring, prior to entering the school.

  • Register for AO Enrollment from 1st June
  • AO Application start 1st August

※Please contact the school for further details

Admission Requirements

Applicants must bring all of the following documents to the school. We will inform you of the date for selection, upon receipt of a complete application package.
Documents Required for Application
  • Admission application form (Please use the form designated by our school)
  • Forms and Certificates issued by Japanese Language School
    · Student Registration Certificate or Proof of Expected Graduation Certificates
    · Official Transcripts/Attendance Certificate
    * An applicant who has passed the N2 level of the Japanese -Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). or who scored 200 points or more on the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU). must provide a copy of the respective certificate.
  • A Copy of Graduation Certificate from your last school.*(Diploma from High School or Universities)
  • Verification remittance of money (such as notification) or certificate to show the balance in your bank account.
  • A Copy of Resident Card(Both Sides)
  • A Copy of your passport (Pages with you「 face photog「aph & entry stamp)
  • A Copy of your National Health Insurance Card(Both Sides)
  • Admission Slip for Screening (Designated by our school)
  • Screening Fee¥30,000
    (No screening charges for the applicants recommended by the designated schools)
    ※ In case of post. please send us a postal transfer payment certificate. Payment in cash is not acceptable. Cash accepted only in case of direct payment at school.

◎ Applicants who live in Japan and not attending a Japanese language school may need to submit additional documents.
◎ Applicants are requested to bring all the required 1-9 documents mentioned above. If the applicants can't come since the residence is too far, please contact us.
◎ Documents submitted and screening fee will not be returned.

Document Selection
Once you have submitted your enrolment application and the necessary documents, you will be informed of the day of your Japanese test and interview.
Entrance Examination
Please arrive 15 minutes early on the designated day.Late arrivals may not sit the examination. We will hold a Japanese language test and an interview.
Announcement of Examination Results
You will be informed of your examination result within one week by mail. We will not respond to telephone enquiries.
Admission Procedure·Tuition Payment
You will also be informed about the test results and request for payment of tuition by mail. You must pay by the due date.
*Reluctantly, if you decline the enrollment, we will refund the tuition fees except the entrance fees for those who have completed the procedure of declining enrollment before March 31, 2018.After April 1st, the entrance fee, tuition fees and other fees will not be refunded according to the Supreme Court procedure.
Letter of Acceptance
Once tuition payment procedures have been completed and payment has been confirmed at this school, an acceptance letter will be issued. (Please retain this form until your student identity card is issued.)
Purchase of Textbooks and Materials
We will send you a list of the textbooks and materials that you need 10 purchase at the beginning of March. Please confirm on the page of school subject introduction because time of delivery of each schools are different.
Visa Formalities
Students who currently possess a visa which has not expired do not need to renew the visa prior to beginning their studies. However, students can start the visa renewal process 3 months before the expiry date. Please ensure that you apply to renew your visa before the expiry date.
New Student Guidance (April)
Each course will have嬰idance for new students, and hand out textbooks.
International Student Guidance (April)
Guidance will be held for international students re arding visas, student life and post-graduate employment.
Entrance Ceremony (April)

You will be notified of the date of the entrance ceremony by mail.

Special Scholarship program for international students

Students who meet one of the following criteria may receive a scholarship.with the following amount being deducted from your school fees.
● Candidates/Foreign students with "college student" visa status (or any other status which can be changed to "college student") are eligible. Government-sponsored foreign students are excluded.
● Conditions (for those who meet the following criteria)
  • Students who have the current school attendance rate of 80% or more.
  • Students who have passed the Japanese prof1c1ency Test level 2. or who get more than 200 points on the Japanese Language Prof1c1ency Test of EJU
  • Students who have passed the Japanese test at our schools and are certain of their future goals

* The above scholarship will also apply (upon passing to the next grade) to students who have an attendance rate of 80% or higher.

Scholarship program for international students

Each year students with especially good grades and attendance as well as a good attitude can receive the Honors Scholarship tor Privately Financed International Students from the Japan Student Services Organization. Additionally, students at our school are eligible for Kyoritsu International Foundation Scholarships Privately financed students with c1tizensh1p from any Asian country who are attending our school are eligible to apply (with a recommendation from the school)
We will send you an application guidebook with detailed
information on tuition along with our school brochure.
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