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Admission on Transfer

Courses and Majors

Course World Major length of course course you transfer to
Performing Arts Course Anime Voice Actor World
  • Anime Voice Acting Major
  • Voice Actor & Vocalist Major
  • Voice Acting for Game & Anime Major
  • Voice Actor & Theater Actor Major
  • Voice Actor & Public Relations Major
2-year curriculum Transfer into the second year in principle
Anime Production Course 2.5D Musical World
  • 2.5 Dimensional Musical Major
  • 2.5 Dimensional PA/Lighting Major
  • 2.5 Dimensional Directing/Production Major
  • 2.5 Dimensional Stage Arts Major
e-sports Professional Gamer World
  • e-sports Professional Gamer Major
  • e-sports Broadcaster Major
  • e-sports Publicity Major
  • e-sports Event Staff Major
  • e-sports Management Major
  • e-sports Integrated Game Creater Major
Anime Illustration World
  • Digital Animator Major
  • 3DCG Animator Major
  • Illustration & Character Design Major
  • Young-adult Fiction Writing Major
Figure Modeling World
  • Figure Sculptor Major
  • Figure Design Major
Sound Effect/Engineer World
  • Sound Design Major
  • Recording Engineer Major
  • Director of Audiography Major
  • Anime Song DJ Major
Anime Staff World
  • Anime Event Staff Major
  • Anime Producer Major
  • Video Creator Major
  • Voice Actor & Talent Management Major
  • Advertising/Magazine Editing Staff Major
Comic World
  • Comic Illustrator Major
  • Manga Major
  • WEB Manga Major

Eligibility for Entrance

Students eligible must satisfy one of the following:
  • Graduated from a college of film, the arts or entertainment.
  • Graduated from a two-year college of film, the arts or entertainment.
  • Graduated from a vocational school of film, the arts or entertainment.
  • Completed a second-year course in a college of film, the arts or entertainment.

(Those who are graduating in March 2018 are also eligible in each case.)

Period of admission

Friday, September 1, 2017 -

*Enrollment is closed when enrollment in a course reaches full.

Required Documents

  • application form
  • examination admission slip
  • postal money transfer receipt (30,000 JPY for admission fee)
  • most recent school records (college sophomores must submit school records for their first and second years)


Entrance Examination & Interview (Bring your portfolio)

Notification of interview date will be sent by mail or given by telephone within seven days of receipt of your application.

Examination result will be mailed within seven days of the date of interview.

Send Application

Send application by registered mail or bring to school.

Tokyo School of Anime (Admissions Office)
3-14-9 Nishi-kasai, Edogawa-ku
Tokyo 134-0088 Japan

Admission Procedure and Payment

We enclose a payment slip in the letter of acceptance. Payment of tuition and the fee for facilities maintenance must be made via bank transfer within ten days of the date of issue of the letter of acceptance.

If you need to withdraw from school due to unavoidable circumstances and to receive a refund of tuition and other fees paid, this procedure must be completed by March 31, 2018.

We will send you an application guidebook with detailed
information on tuition along with our school brochure.
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