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Project Rooms

Work closely with talented professionals on actual industry projects!

Tokyo School of Anime frequently invites representatives from leading companies in the anime / voice-acting industries. Students can work with them on various projects, which are actually released into the market. This offers a great opportunity for developing creativity and communication skills.



Studio 4°C is a production company, which constantly takes on challenging projects, producing edgy, high-quality works. Eiko Tanaka, the line producer for Hayao Miyazaki's "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Kiki's Delivery Service" and also animated movie director Koji Morimoto, established the company in 1986.
Studio 4°C works include Ken Ishii's "EXTRA," GLAY's "Survival," Hikaru Utada's music videos, short movies such as "Noiseman Sound Insect" and "Eikyu Kazoku," TV spots and video clips for Nike, game movies, TV series "Tweeny Witches"(2004), "Tensai Bitto-kun" (2001-)among many others.
Studio 4°C was one of the first companies to apply digital technology to filmmaking. Today, their name is known throughout the world. They have also worked on feature films such as Katsuhiro Otomo's "Memories" (1995), "Spriggan"(1998, directed by Hirotsugu Kawasaki), "Arite-hime" (2000, directed by Sunao Katabuchi), all achieved great success. In 2003, they released "The Animatrix," a co-production with Warner Brothers.
One of their feature films "Mind Game" (2004, directed by Masaaki Yuasa) received the Japan Media Arts Festival Award, the Ofuji Noburo Award in the Mainichi Film Awards, and was also nominated at the Berlin Film Festival.
The name "4°C" comes from the temperature in which water reaches its highest density. It stands for the company's determination to always aim for the highest integrity.



DLE is an international consulting farm established in 2001. Aiming at building bridges between Japan and overseas, their clients include major companies such as Hasbro Inc. and Warner Brothers. With companies such as these, DLE produces internationally known TV shows for children such as Transformers, GI JOE and Powerpuff Girls Z.
Their Flash animation studio opened in 2005 and experienced rapid growth in Japan, making DLE widely known as "a leading company in the Flash anime industry." They began airing a TV show "DLE Hour" in April, 2010. Today, DLE has become an established brand name among viewers and the industry.
Their in-house brand "Frogman Company" has grown to be one of the leading brands among visual media creators. "Himitsu-kessha Taka no Tsume THE MOVIE" received the best movie award at a film festival in New York. Also, the "Himitsu-kessha Taka no Tsume" TV series was aired in France and gained popularity.
Recently, DLE also collaborates with local governments and TV stations on designing mascots. Allying with local mass media, DLE utilizes its creativity to develop and introduce unique, lovable mascots and generate profits throughout Japan.

Galleries and practical rooms in Tokyo School of Anime have been established with support of various companies.

Bunka Hoso
Bunka Hoso / Radio Bunka Hoso Radio Talk Show Nonko and Nobita's Anime Scramble
A voice actor Noriko Hidaka and Bunka Hoso announcer Nobita Hasegawa invite unique guests each time and introduce up-to-date information on the anime industries. This talk show started in April 1991 as one of the first Bunka Hoso programs that focus on anime and games.
It has celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.
  • Radio host:Noriko Hidaka and Nobita Hasegawa
  • Broadcasting station:Radio Bunka Hoso
Marine Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Marine Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Marine Entertainment, a former development division in Animate Film Co., Ltd., started business independently in April 2004. Their works include TV anime such as "Saiunkoku Monogatari,""Shonen Onmyouji," audio CDs for bestselling comic books "Get Backers", "WILD ADAPTER" and also other products such as voice actors' audio CDs.
They also produce radio shows, games and events. In the midst of rapid diversification in visual and audio media, Marine Entertainment makes every effort to satisfy their customers with high-quality products in as many types of medium as possible.
Marine Entertainment directed the book exhibition in the "Special Gallery" in Tokyo School of Anime as well as the school radio shows.
They are looking forward to contributing to more educational projects and applying their unique perspective.
Kotobukiya Co., Ltd.
Kotobukiya Co., Ltd.
Kotobukiya celebrated its 58th year in business in 2010. Their services include the planning, molding, developing, manufacturing, wholesale and retailing of figures and plastic kits based on anime, movies, games and manga characters.
They strive to provide high-quality products and services, which can create positive impressions and pleasant surprises.
In order to achieve this goal, they constantly persevere with a frontier spirit. Kotobukiya provided figures for Tokyo School of Anime's "Special Gallery."
They wish to nurture young creators to develop their own unique style so as to continue introducing Japanese content to the world in future.
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