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Tokyo School of Anime grows with the business,striving for international success.

Tokyo School of Anime

Current Situation

We see brand-new anime TV shows appear every season. More than 3000 anime shows are aired each year on key commercial TV stations, cable anime-channels and UHF stations these days. With the revenue off the content and secondary-use fees, the anime industry generates 20 billion yen a year in profits, making it one of the leading industries in Japan.

Outlook for the Future

The earnings from distribution have been increasing for secondary-use products such as games and character goods based on anime productions. Japanese anime is highly valued in the world, and many productions have received international awards. Also, Japanese anime figures and cos-play designs enjoy popularity among overseas aficionados. The anime and voice-acting industries have the potential to expand their audience to the entire world.

Human Resources

The anime and voice-acting industries constantly seek talented people who have creativity, originality and skills. Furthermore, leadership, management and communication skills are also in demand. In Tokyo School of Anime, you can develop these qualities through attending classes and working on team anime projects and industry-cooperative projects.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is “contributing to society through vocational education”.

Our School Facilities

Our School Facilities
Students have unlimited access to our state-of-the-art facilities!

Access Map

Access Map
Nishi-kasai has easy and fast access to all major subway and railway stations!
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