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School Facilities

Tokyo School of Anime provides an optimum learning environment!

All facilities and equipment at the school meet industry standards. Students have *24-hour access to the facilities. Take advantage of this flexible environment and fulfill your dreams!
*Some exceptions are made.

Media Center Enjoy free access to the facility with the latest equipment!

Browse more than 10,000 books including 6,500 comic books and 3,500 books on anime productions and light novels. Stimulate your creativity with anime figures. When you wish to create your own projects, workrooms and recording studios are available. You are also welcome to Project Rooms at any time, where you can learn what Japan's leading companies such as STUDIO 4℃ and DLE are working on.

Media Center①

Media Center②

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Professional Gamer Room
First in Japan! Special room for e-sports students.

This room is specifically designed for training e-sports players and personnel. In class you'll play mainstream game titles here. You can practice broadcasting, learn how to develop plans and organize e-sports events, too.

Professional Gamer Room

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Recording Studio World’s best sound studio is available for hands-on practice!

We are proud of our early installation (the second in Japan, the twenty-second in the world) of Solid State Logic's latest analog console, "Duality." Compatible with digital technology and works perfectly well with Pro Tools software. Many professionals have visited us just to take a look at this incredible machine. Available for you during hands-on sound production and training sessions.

Recording Studio①

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Sound Studios Fulfilling all the needs of sound people.

We have everything that sound people need such as mixing room, recording/Foley studio and voice booth.

Sound Studios①

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Animation Room One of the largest digital animation rooms in the world.

You can create 2D and 3DCG animation as well as VFX on RETAS STUDIO, 3ds MAX, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Final Cut Pro. By using pen-tablets, you can draw and process your work digitally. 3D-eyeglasses are available for 3DCG-animated motion picture productions. Explore the latest software and equipment in hands-on learning opportunities.

Animation Room①Animation Room②

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Theater Luxury and comfort: exclusive use for students.

Project your movies on an 8-meter-wide big screen. Watch classic masterpieces and the latest films selected from our extensive DVD library. Discuss various movies to widen your knowledge. DLP (Digital Light Processing Projector) and 42 comfy seats are available. It's also a good place for hands-on practice in screening and theater administration.


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Motion Capture First in Japan!  The latest motion-capture system!

Film performers and objects in action by 24 mo-cap cameras and process the data on computers. This system allows you to move your characters as you have choreographed.

Motion Capture①

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Workrooms & Art Studios Serve artists’ needs sufficiently from beginning to advanced levels.

Drawing and sketching are the necessary skills to become an animator. We have a drawing room where you can observe objects to deepen your understanding of how to construct landscapes and buildings in your drawings. Various materials such as paints, stone-powder clay for creating models for figure, and modeling clay for clay animation are available. Students can use air brushes, electric saws and many other tools as they wish.

Workrooms & Art Studios①

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Dance Studios

Feel the sense of scale and openness of our 130㎡, mirrored studios. Available to students for basic training and rehearsals.

Dance Studios①

Makeup Room

Fully equipped with basic kits such as makeup cases, boxes, eye-shadows and powder brushes, lipsticks as well as tools for body painting and special effect makeup. This unique room is designed by professional photographers and makeup artists.

Makeup Room①

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Costume Design Room

Choose material for your cos-play costumes and draw patterns in this room. You can do the whole process of dressmaking here. Students also have access to more than 200 costumes.

Costume Design Room①


Thanks to the kind support of Kotobukiya, we display more than 100 figures in our school. A great source of inspiration for designing figures and 3DCG modeling.


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