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About admission

“May I apply to universities or colleges other than Tokyo School of Anime at the same time?”

Yes. Fill out the request form and submit it to us along with your Tokyo School of Anime application. We will keep you registered without you having to pay tuition; however, you must pay the enrollment fee for us to hold your space which we keep open until the results of your other applications are known.

“Are there age limits to enroll? I am a working person, and I'm not sure if I can fit in.”

We do not set any age limits. If you have received a high school diploma or its equivalent, you are eligible to attend. Many adults are keen to study at Tokyo School of Anime, and almost all of them are highly motivated. We also have many college and university graduates enroll every year. Keep your spirits high and you'll surely enjoy life on our campus.

“What if I need to quit school?”

If you need to leave due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances, submit to us a medical certificate or provide us with a written explanation of your circumstance, signed by you and your guarantor. Please note that your tuition cannot be refunded.

About coursework

“I am interested in so many things. I don't know which course of study I should pursue.”

Our majors and their curriculum correspond to your possible future job choices. Selecting a particular major does not restrict your freedom of career choice. Course names are intended to give you an idea of the potential job possibilities if you pursue a particular field of study.
Are you attracted to everything? Then, your interests may encompass many fields. Visit one of our “Challenge Campus” events and take part in a briefing session. This experience will give you the opportunity to explore some of your interests and decide for yourself what a good fit is for you.
Also, you are welcome to change your major or course after beginning your studies. So, let us hear about your interests at a Challenge Campus and briefing session.

“Do I need to take tests to be promoted or to graduate?”

Each course has some tests of your knowledge and skills acquired that is given before you earn course credits. In order to graduate, you must accrue a required number of credits. The purpose of taking tests is to make sure that you have sufficiently attained the skills and knowledge taught in the course. If you lack certain skills, you can review your coursework to make up for any deficiencies. Also, we have many different ways to test your skills and knowledge, such as written reports and practical tests. Don't let the idea of having to take tests overwhelm you.

About campus life

“I feel uneasy about campus life in a new environment.”

If you find your daily life difficult or are anxious about future employment, our 24-hour consultation service is available at the Student Service Center (SSC). Your voice matters to us. Let us help you solve your problem.

“Can I work a part-time job?”

Of course you can. You can work during your summer vacation, and the winter and spring breaks. If you wish to work during the semester, it is best to keep your work schedule manageable so that you can enjoy both your school life and your work.

“Can I get student discounts?”

Yes. For instance, various public transportation services offer discount fares on long-distance travel as well as on student commuter passes.

“Is there a dormitory? Which is more economical, renting an apartment on my own or living in a dorm?”

We do have dormitories, and you can choose plans with meals or without meals. The dorm rooms are fairly clean and tidy. Renting an apartment on your own may cause you to incur a variety of extra expenses. Living in a dormitory may be more economical and it provides a safe wholesome environment.

“What if I become ill? Living alone in Tokyo may be tough.”

The Keiseikai Clinic is a Jikei Gakuen-affiliated clinic that provides internal medicine and dentistry services and aids with mental health issues. Feel free to visit the clinic as the need arises.
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