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Education Philosophy

Our mission and educational policy

We, Tokyo School of Anime, have set our goal to “contribute to the society through vocational education.” Our mission is to foster human resources that can help industries grow.

Understanding through true needs in the animation and voice-acting industries, we are able to adapt and keep up with changes in time and society. We pride ourselves on developing our students' practical skills and building strong relationships with the industry.

To foster our students' dreams, Tokyo School of Anime has adopted 3 guidelines:


In order for students to acquire ready-to-use skills and knowledge, we apply an industry-cooperative education system and course curriculum taught by industry professionals.
We promote mutual respect, politeness and sincerity among students to help them become real professionals and responsible members of society.
We provide overseas study tours and English lessons, striving to develop our students' international perspective and skills.

Based on these ideas, we nurture work-ready specialists. Our education policy is highly practical, unlike in many colleges and universities, which focus mainly on theoretical studies.

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