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Know how to create popular manga and make your debut as a manga artist!

In this World, you'll learn everything to become a manga artist from basic knowledge to advanced technique in storytelling and character development. Furthermore, in collaboration with editors at publishing companies, we'll provide numerous opportunities for you to show your work and be seen. In our two-year curriculum, you will gain necessary skills for creating popular manga.

Three Majors: Select the one you're attracted to the most!

At Tokyo School of Anime, there are three majors designed for you to become a manga artist. Our curriculum is subject to change in order to keep updated to the industry's trend.


This major is specialized for drawing illustration for manga comic book front cover.You will use various drawing materials to find unique way of expression for yourself.


You will learn everything from developing plot to finishing your manga with the aim of making your debut. You can work closely with professional manga editors while learning as a student. Take the opportunities to become a pro!


Work on cutting-edge digital equipment and learn how to structure plot and complete your project. You will see what tremendous contribution digital technology can offer.

The coursework includes

Creating Character I

Characters in manga play a fundamental role. Learn basic knowledge in how to develop attractive, convincing characters.


Develop your basic skills for drawing. Draw objects and human figures with lines and contrast between light and shade.

Character & Backdrop Drawing

Master how to draw human bodies. Also, you will develop your backdrop drawing skills with solid knowledge of perspective.

Manga Technique

Learn various techniques in panel layout, directing scenes, structure, drawing and finishing.

Digital Manga Technique

Learn how to use manga-creating software “Comic Studio” from basic to advanced techniques.

Creating Manga

How do we make manga from scratch? Learn the entire process from getting story ideas, developing characters and plot, dialogue, sketch to finishing.

Double-Major System

Enjoy freedom of choice and maximize your benefit.

Double-Major System


  • K-ON Club
  • Broadcasting Club

Editor in Chief of Animedia magazine visits us.

Animedia is popular with plenty illustration and accessible articles. Magazine comes with anime posters that you can decorate your room with. Also, you can write for a readers' column “Anime Eye.”

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