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Integrated Anime Production Department Anime Creator World

The shortest way to become a professional creator!

In Anime Creator World, you will learn anime-making skills ranging from basic commands on personal computer to operation of pro-use software. Do you find screenwriting difficult? Don't worry. There are many student productions that need your participation. Or you can write your own stories, too, of course! Learn how to use cutting-edge technology to become a professional creator!

What are the benefits?

You have access to the latest models of state-of-the-art machines.
Motion capture, green-screen composition, 3D CG--you learn all skills you will need to succeed.
You can get practical training working on corporate projects and attending special seminars.

Animation Major

Be an animator to create popular anime!

Animators play a crucial part in anime productions. Tokyo School of Anime has close relationships with production companies, so you can get opportunities to work with professionals even before you graduate. You can assess the level of your proficiency through practical training experience.

Animation Major

3DCG Anime Major

3DCG technology prevails!

3D technology has been widely applied to motion pictures, TV and games and is becoming one of the industry's standard. Tokyo School of Anime is equipped with the latest technology such as motion capture, green-screen composition, 3DCG software and so on.

3DCG Anime Major

Anime CG/VFX Major(NEW)

Pursue higher quality in visual effects in anime!

Many anime productions apply visual effects. You will learn basic and advanced commands on software such as MAYA and After Effects.

Anime CG/VFX Major(NEW)

Flash Anime Major

DLE Inc., the production company of “Taka no Tsume” collaborates with Tokyo School of Anime!

DLE Inc., the creator of a popular flash anime "Taka no Tsume," has a project room in Tokyo School of Anime to work with students. Learn by working with professionals on campus.

Flash Anime Major

Sound Design Major(NEW)

Create realistic feelings in anime!

Sound effects in anime are as important as dialogue. In this major, you will learn how to create sound effects and background music.

Sound Design Major(NEW)

Recording Engineering Major

Serve as a go-between between voice actors and characters!

Without a recording engineer, no anime characters will get a voice. Recording engineers play a crucial part when voice actors bring life to characters with their performances. Learn practical skills in our pro-use recording facilities.

Recording Engineering Major

Game Anime Major

Game anime is as popular as movies and TV shows!

So many people enjoy game anime just like they love movies and TV shows. Today's game anime incorporates 3D technology and amazes us with excellent quality. In Tokyo School of Anime, you can learn how to create game anime.

Game Anime Major

The coursework includes

Animation Sakuga I

Sketch human models in motion and improve your drawing skills.

Animation Sakuga II

Sketch landscapes in motion and improve your drawing skills.

Animation Production II

Learn the entire process of production by reproducing existing animated motion pictures.

Motion Capture (Advanced)

Master advanced commands on the latest motion capture system. Also, you will learn tips on acting for mo-cap.

3D Design II

Learn how to create 3D characters and backgrounds through modeling.


Develop directing skills for motion pictures and sounds.

Color Theory I

Enhance your sense of color coordination through learning coloring and painting techniques.

Art Design II

Sketch landscapes to improve drawing skills.

Cinematography Basic

Capture genga key frames and compose them. Also you will learn camera angle techniques.

Anime Editing

Learn dynamics of shots and cuts as well as the power of visual effects.

Double-Major System


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  • Anime Club

Our graduates will tell you what Tokyo School of Anime can offer.

Students can design characters for professional productions as a part of Tokyo School of Anime's cooperative education projects. Also, our collaborator companies constantly look for genga and sakuga personnel. Students in Figure Design Major have opportunities to present their original design to Kotobukiya for future merchandising ideas. Students in Cos-play Design Major will work closely with professional cos-players in events, wearing costumes that students made for themselves. Don't miss these fabulous opportunities unique to Tokyo School of Anime.

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