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Integrated Anime Production Department Anime Production World

Create your original anime!

In Anime Production World, you can learn the entire process of anime making. Also, Tokyo School of Anime provides an ideal environment for extracurricular activities. Take initiative and create your own anime projects. You are welcome to collaborate with students in the Voice Acting Major and other majors to launch productions on a larger scale.s

What are the benefits?

Students make at least three anime movies.
You can study with prominent anime directors.
You can join cooperative projects and make your debut as an artist working on a team effort.

Anime Directing Major

Take leadership in anime productions! You can create your original anime, too.

Directors take responsibilities in overall decision-making in anime productions. Their personal taste influences the entire movie. We invite professional anime directors as guest teachers. Also, you can create your original anime.

Anime Directing Major

Writing & Directing for Anime Major


In this course, you will learn how to write and direct your anime movies. We encourage everybody to make independent movies. Make your original anime while studying at Tokyo School of Anime and you may be able to make your debut as a professional writer/director even before you graduate.

Writing & Directing for Anime Major

Integrated Anime Production Major(NEW)

Participate in anime productions to find your passion!

There are various roles and positions in anime productions. If you don't know what field you'd like to be in, we encourage you to register in this major so that you can try out as many positions as you want.

Integrated Anime Production Major(NEW)

Anime Songwriting Major

Write and compose opening and ending themes for original anime!

Theme songs add great impact to anime movies. Some anime songs even hit the chart along with pop songs. Would you like to make songs for your classmates' anime movies? You could make your debut as a professional while you are in school!

Anime Songwriting Major

Light Novel Major(NEW)

Become a professional writer as you study!

A light novel is a novel that is targeting teenagers, and usually is accompanied with lots of anime-like illustrations. Many light novels have been made into anime movies; more opportunities for writers to work in the anime industry will open up.

Light Novel Majo(NEW)r

The coursework includes


Study directing skills for motion pictures and sounds.

Animation Sakuga (Advanced)

Improve your sakuga skills as you animate characters and backgrounds that you draw.

Animation Production (Advanced)

Learn the whole process of production by reproducing existing animated motion pictures.

Screenwriting (Advanced)

Write screenplays incorporating your ideas on visual and sound design.

3D Design (Advanced)

Learn how to create 3D characters and backgrounds through modeling.

Color Theory

Develop your sense of color coordination through mastering coloring and painting techniques.

Anime Editing

Learn dynamics of editing as well as the power of visual effects.

Advanced Songwriting

Write lyrics without being constrained by genre or melody.

Advanced Composition

Compose songs without being constrained by genre or melody.

Novel Writing

Develop writing skills as you write a novel.

Double-Major System


  • Comiket Club
  • Movie Club

Tokyo School of Anime is a rare example of getting job offers in the producing field.

Producers should be able to do a wide range of work such as drawing up a project, budgeting and negotiating contracts. Therefore, positions are rarely open to new recruit. Many of the students in Tokyo School of Anime, however, use their extensive practical experience to take control. Through Double-Major System, they work with students in other departments and deepen their understanding on producers' job. Many of them work with professionals while in school, too.

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