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New majors and courses are available for April 2014 enrollment!

Voice Actor & Vocalist World

Anime Production World

Anime Creator World

Anime Design World

Anime Business World

Are you considering to apply to Tokyo School of Anime?
Here is good news. Several new majors and courses are available for April 2014 enrollment.

For those of you striving to work in the anime and voice-acting industries, we classified our education programs into 5 worlds/26 majors.

Find what you are interested in most and cultivate your skills as you gain knowledge and hands-on learning experience.

Voice is your tools for your profession! Voice Actor & Vocalist World (two-year curriculum)

Write and direct animated motion pictures! Anime Production World (two-year curriculum)

Learn how to create anime in 2D and 3D! Anime Creator World (two-year curriculum)

Work on visual design in anime! Anime Design World (two-year curriculum)

Get involved in the anime industry as a producer! Anime Business World (two-year curriculum)

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