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Prepare for your future career! We rollout a lineup of new majors.

Anime Voice Actor World

2.5D Musical World

e-sprorts Professional Gamer World

Anime Illustration World

Figure Modeling World

Sound Effect/Engineer World

Anime Staff World

Comic World

Skills needed to become a voice actor working in 2.5D musicals,anime and e-sports are constantly evolving.
Tokyo School of Anime has created a curriculum combining 8 Worlds composed of 33 majors
that are designed to enable you to develop your skills.

Anime Voice Actor World (two-year curriculum)

2.5D Musical World (two-year curriculum)

e-sports Professional Gamer World (two-year curriculum)

Anime Illustration World (two-year curriculum)

Figure Modeling World (two-year curriculum)

Sound Effect/Engineer World (two-year curriculum)

Anime Staff World (two-year curriculum)

Comic World (two-year curriculum)

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