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Integrated Anime Production Department Anime Business World

Master business skills and work in the anime industry!

You can acquire skills that are necessary to work in the anime industry. Japanese anime has enjoyed its world-wide popularity. Our education system is designed to enhance your international sense and skills as a business person.

What are the benefits?

You can pursue your goal as a company employee while learning voice-acting.
You can exercise your skills through planning and organizing school festivals.
Hands-on learning opportunities through cooperative projects.

Anime Voice-acting & Business Major(NEW)

Pursue two dreams at once!

A perfect choice for you if you wish to learn anime voice-acting while gaining knowledge to prepare for getting a job in a company. This is the only major that you can pursue two dreams at the same time.

Anime Voice-acting & Business Major(NEW)

Anime Producing Major(NEW)

Get involved in the anime industry as a business person!

In this major, you will learn everything you need to get an anime-related job, from basic knowledge to advanced techniques on distributing, merchandizing, event organizing and so on.

Anime Producing Major(NEW)

Anime Voice Actor Management Major(NEW)

Voice actors need a good manager!

A manager stays close to voice actors and support them. In this major, you will learn skills in sales promotion as well as schedule arrangement for the voice actor you are with.

Anime Voice Actor Management Major(NEW)

Anime Magazine Editing Major(NEW)

Write, edit and publish anime magazines!

Anime lovers and voice-actor fans enjoy reading anime magazines. You will learn skills and techniques in journalism such as how to make plans and how to conduct interviews, editing and advertising.

Anime Magazine Editing Major(NEW)

Anime Goods Planning Major(NEW)

Develop your merchandise and sell them!

When an anime series becomes successful, a variety of merchandize gets made. You will learn how to develop anime merchandise through hands-on practice. We will have a class in collaboration with Kotobukiya, also.

Anime Goods Planning Major(NEW)

The coursework includes

Development I

Develop broadcast programs in many different genres. Learn how to write proposals and how to pitch your program ideas.

Anime Producing

Produce your own motion pictures and/or TV series through hands-on practice in a similar environment to professional productions.

Anime Business II

Learn how to develop a series of anime merchandise and how to distribute and advertise them.

Media Strategy

Write and design commercials for TV, radio and publications. Also, learn how movie box office works.

Writing for Media

Learn how to write scripts for documentary/news report/drama etc. Start with simple writing assignments and gradually improve your reading/writing skills.

Flash Basic

Master basic knowledge on Flash and create simple Flash animation.

Cell Phone Business

Learn the contents business of the video utilizing the mobile terminal. Through the practice, know how it works.

Digital Modeling for Background

Create 3D backgrounds and landscapes by using digital tools as you expand your knowledge on modeling.

Anime Business

Acquire knowledge on developing merchandise as well as on distributing and advertising anime products.

Advertisement Design

Master various skills on designing for prints, web, movies, videos and so on.

Double-Major System


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  • Frogman Company

Participants in Cooperative Education Projects will take initiative and organize school events.

There are various events throughout the year in Tokyo School of Anime. Most of the events are organized by students, and these are great opportunities to enhance their business skills. They come up with ideas and execute them, and they develop sense of responsibility and motivation. Students in Figure Design Major and Cos-play Design Major will have opportunities to work with professional cos-players and Kotobukiya, our supporters who help you commercialize your products.

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