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Work on visual design in anime!

Tokyo School of Anime offers various majors that correspond to anime-related jobs in wide variety including figure design, cos-play design and card design. Coursework includes hands-on practice and training both in two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs.

What are the benefits?

Exciting coursework that leads you to find your passion.
Creative freedom in our four art studios!
Our Double-Major System allows you to expand your views and skills.

Character Design Major

Create attractive anime characters!

In this major you will design anime characters to details. Come up with your original character idea for your anime and work on it.

Character Design Major

Genga & Sakuga Major(NEW)

This is the heart of anime!  Set your goal to become a sakuga director!

In order to make anime, we draw genga (key animation drawings) first. Then we put them together to make a motion picture (sakuga). This major discusses the fundamental part of anime making. You are welcome to draw genga for your original anime and take control as a sakuga director, too.
Genga & Sakuga Major(NEW)

Art Directing Major

Create unique view of the world in anime!

In this major you will learn how to design background in anime. As you learn basic skills and concepts, you can incorporate your unique vision to anime productions that you work on.

Art Directing Major

Color Design Major(NEW)

Become an expert on colors in anime!

When the design of characters and background is set, you color them. Good color scheme is a key to make your anime visually convincing. In this major, you will learn color science and its theory. Find interesting color coordination and incorporate it to anime productions that you work on.

Color Design Major(NEW)

Figure Design Major

Develop products of your favorite anime characters!

You will learn basic crafts on figure-making, and then design your original figures and create them. The ultimate goals will be to create original anime figures and introduce them to the market in collaboration with companies.

Figure Design Major

Cos-play Design Major

Design your costumes and demonstrate them in events!

Create your own cos-play costumes as you learn basic dressmaking skills. You can also make costumes for your favorite anime characters and/or for characters that your fellow students create. Take part in events in and outside of school.

Cos-play Design Major

Clay Animation Major

Become a specialist of clay art!

Clay animation fascinates us with its unique look. Learn basic skills and advanced techniques to make clay anime. You can create characters for your original movies.

Clay Animation Major

Card Game Design Major(NEW)

Present your ideas and develop merchandise!

In this major, you will design not only cards but also contents of games. You have opportunities to present your work to our collaborator companies and make actual merchandise. You can make existing anime into a game, also. Enjoy creative freedom and design exciting games that only you can make.

Card Game Design Major(NEW)

The coursework includes

Sakuga Ⅱ

Improve your drawing skills through croquis drawings of a live model and/or sketching moving landscape.

Character Design Ⅱ

Draw your original character from many different angles and establish its unique characteristics in detail.

Scenic Design

Learn how to draw scenery in anime scenes.

Color Theory Ⅱ

Cultivate good taste in coloring and color coordination both in two- and three-dimensional art.

Sewing for Dressmaking

Hone skills in sewing and stitching to achieve elaborate dressmaking.

Fashion Design Ⅱ

Study advanced fashion design technique.

Toy Design

Create dolls and anime figures including their costumes and outfits to learn toy design skills.

Clay Model Making

Learn how to structure clay models as well as basic crafts of making them to improve three-dimensional modeling skills.

Mold Making Ⅱ

Work on mold-making using anime figures with elaborate details.

Painting Ⅱ

Learn properties of various painting materials and master painting skills in three-dimensional modeling.

Double-Major System


  • Cos-play Club
  • Figure Club

Participate in professional productions and pursue art.

Learn by doing as you take part in professional productions. Numerous companies have offered and will offer opportunities to do character design, genga-drawing and so on. Figure Design Major and Cos-play Design Major students can work closely with professional cos-players and/or Kotobukiya on designing products.

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