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Performing Arts Department Voice Actor & Vocalist World

Make voice your tools for your profession.

In Voice Actor & Vocalist World, you will learn skills and techniques from basic to advanced levels, manners and good work ethics from professional voice-acting coaches. You can join cooperative projects and work with professionals at Bunka Hoso studios and so on. Don't limit your future career choice to voice acting in anime; dubbing in foreign-language movies and TV series or radio DJ can be your potential job, too. We will give you thorough support until you make your debut.

What are the benefits?

Develop your skills comprehensively through working with our other acting departments and take advantage of our Double-Major System.
Narration and dubbing for anime and foreign-language movies using the recording studio in the school.
Numerous opportunities to audition for anime movies, TV shows, games to name just a few.

Anime Voice Acting Major

Become a voice actor and bring life to anime characters!!

Japanese anime is renowned all over the world, and voice actors' contribution is crucial to its success. We provide excellent courses to cultivate your abilities. Thrill audience with your powerful voice.

Anime Voice Acting Major

Voice Acting & Singing Major

Voice actors can also go on stage!

Many voice actors have risen to stardom with their singing and dancing abilities these days. If you wish to widen your appeal, strong vocal talents will be a plus.

Voice Acting & Singing Major

Voice Acting & Narration Major (NEW)

You can work as a narrator in TV shows and commercials!

Many voice actors narrate TV shows and commercials. You can pursue your career as a narrator while working as a voice actor.

Voice Acting & Narration Major (NEW)

Voice Acting & Radio DJ Major

More and more voice actors have their own radio shows!

Many voice actors have become a radio show host. In this major, you will enhance your spontaneity and speech skills through coursework along with voice training.

Voice Acting & Radio DJ Major

TV Series Dubbing Major(NEW)

Challenge the toughest job for voice actors!

Viewers in Japan love TV series such as "24" and "Prison Break", and many of them enjoy dubbed versions as well as subtitled ones. Dubbing in TV series is exciting and challenging job for voice actors.

TV Series Dubbing Major(NEW)

Voice Acting for Game Anime Major

You can be the hero of a popular game!

Today's flourishing manga culture has generated many anime series and games, and successful games often get made into anime. This trend opens the path for voice actors to get involved in the game industry with their acting skills.

Voice Acting for Game Anime Major

The coursework includes

Voice-acting and Acting Basic

Learn basic techniques in voice, breathing, diction, articulation and so on.

Acting Techniques I

In order to reflect your inner life in acting, you need to be truthful to yourself. In this course, you will learn how to relax and open up yourself.

Japanese Dance

Learn mannerism in traditional dance to enhance your physical expressions.

Voice-acting I

Study simple scenes and roles you play. Make a stylistic choice and emphasize characteristics of the role you play.

Voice-acting II

Study elaborate scenes. Make a stylistic choice and emphasize characteristics of the role you play.

Recording Practice

Practice dubbing, narration and talk in a mock radio show in a pro-use recording studio.


Learn basic steps to enhance your rhythmic sense for better performance at the microphone.

Vocal Techniques

Master basic techniques in singing. Also, gain knowledge on chordal theory and music score reading.

Guest Teacher Course

Work with professional voice actors on dubbing, narration and singing.

Music Theory

Gain basic knowledge on chords and music score reading.

Double-Major System


  • K-ON Club
  • Broadcasting Club

More than 100 companies support us.  Use our network and try many different jobs!

Are you interested in working on a movie set, TV show, musical theater or music video shooting? More than 100 companies in various industries offer opportunities every year, so you can try many different jobs. Participate in professional projects and you will know what you really like and what your strengths are. This will be an excellent learning experience before you land a job or make your debut.

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