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Performing Arts Department Anime Voice Actor World

Make voice your tools for your profession.

Professional voice actors will teach you not only basic skills but also how you can strengthen your mind, develop your sensitivity, and bring forth a greater sense of self. Lots of opportunities to work in professional productions at Bunka Hoso and other companies. Our curriculum embraces all kinds of voice-acting jobs using your vocal skills such as dubbing for foreign movies/TV series and radio Dee Jays. We'll support you to make your debut, of course.

What are the benefits?

Develop your acting skills! Studying together with students from other majors, you will learn to develop your acting skills using your voice, by speaking and acting combined with movement instruction within the scope of W Major Curriculum system.
Classes conducted in our recording studio! You will be able to develop your voice-over skills and narration ability by using the convenient on-campus recording studio.
Make your debut while at school! We offer numerous opportunities to perform for anime programs, TV shows and on games.

Four Majors: Select the one you're attracted to the most!

At Tokyo School of Anime has five majors designed to train you to work in the voice acting industry.

Anime Voice Acting Major

Japanese anime is famous among the world, and contribution of voice actors is one of the biggest factors in the success. Our school trains you to become a voice actor with solid skills that give passion and emotions to characters and stories.
Anime Voice Acting Major

Voice Acting & Singing Major

Many voice actors today can also sing and dance. Singing and voice acting share common ground in vocal techniques.If you wish to expand your horizon, you'll want to learn how to sing.
Voice Acting & Singing Major


Many manga stories are adapted into anime or games. Even popular games are being adapted to anime. The future is expected to offer increasing opportunities for voice actors in the game industry.


Even in voice acting, you need to demonstrate talent and acting skills. As you pursue your goal to become a professional voice actor, you expand your resume by working on school-related theatrical productions.


Prepare yourself to work in the public sector learning the basic skills of anime voice acting. Many municipalities promote their regional economies by using anime, voice actors and games. So there is a chance to use your unique talents and knowledge at work. Compare to working for private companies, municipal offices require less overtime work—leaving one with the free time to pursue some other activities involving the anime, voice acting or games industry.

The coursework includes

Voice-acting and Acting Basic

This course provices training in voice and articulation, that is, you will learn to train your breathing, project your voice, and polish your phonics; These are the basic acting skills voice actors must master in order to become a successful professional.

Expression I

Good actors can express their emotions without inhibition. Let's start from basic relaxation exercises to build up your confidence.

Voice Acting I

Learn how to play a role with or without emphasis on the characteristics of the part and thus improve your acting skills.

Voice Acting II

Based on what you learned in Voice Acting I, apply advanced techniques to your acting ability.

Studio Recording

Students will practice ADR, narration and radio show in our professional-quality recording studio on campus.


Good voice actors have good kinesthetic sense and learn to work with microphonesl.Develop your rhythmic sense through dancing.

Vocal Technique

Students will learn various vocal techniques. Also, they will gain basic knowledge of musical chords and how to read music scores.

Artistic Voice Acting Seminar

This seminar is led by instructors who will help you polish your vocal skills for voice over and narration work and singing.

Double-Major System

Enjoy freedom of choice and maximize your benefit.

Double-Major System


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More than 100 companies support us.  Use our network and try many different jobs!

Are you interested in working on a movie set, TV show, musical theater or music video shooting? More than 100 companies in various industries offer opportunities every year, so you can try many different jobs. Participate in professional projects and you will know what you really like and what your strengths are. This will be an excellent learning experience before you land a job or make your debut.

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